Afon’s Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitor Makes Major Breakthrough


The South-Wales-based medical company Afon has made a breakthrough in a non-invasive continuous glucose monitor (CGM). The latest report reveals that positive accuracy results produced by CGM suggest that it could be the pain-free game-changer for millions of diabetics around the globe.

For years, numerous companies have been working to devise a non-invasive solution to diabetes management, without patients pricking their fingers to monitor their blood sugar levels. Not only is this procedure painful but it can also lead to a build-up of scar tissue and loss of sensitivity in the specific area. Among these firms is Afon Technology, which has been working on a solution to this problem, and according to a recent report has made advancements with its wearable sensor.

In a latest Twitter post, the company described how Afon’s non-invasive CGM had been making progress against other methods for measuring blood glucose (BG) levels:

In-house testing of our wearable and non-invasive blood glucose monitor is producing accuracies on a par with minimally invasive devices currently on the market.

Needless to say, accuracy is the main requirement for companies working on a pain-free non-invasive method of measuring blood sugar levels. Misreadings can lead to serious and life-threatening complications for the patient, especially if actual levels indicate a hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) or hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) state.

The company describes its latest tech as a game-changer in glucose monitoring. From what we know so far, the Afon sensor can be worn with or without a watch and takes readings without causing any harm to the skin. There are no replaceable parts either, and the non-invasive CGM is also sized in a discreet manner.

While the company hasn’t shared any official information regarding the cost and the release date of its latest tech, in a previous tweet the company hinted at launching it soon.

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