Get Ready to Witness the Launch of OPPO F21 Pro with the Industry’s First Fiberglass Leather Design

 OPPO the global technology innovator is set to unleash its most anticipated smartphone, the OPPO F21 Pro on April 11th, 2022.  The new F21 Pro is about to unleash multiple “Pakistan’s first” technology that brings smartphone experience to new heights.

This new addition is crafted with the industry’s first integrated fiberglass leather design paired up with an eye-striking sunset orange hue to refresh the color philosophy. Its unique flat-edge design steals the show for its aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The fantastic design of the new OPPO F21 Pro is a result of the company’s continuous efforts to optimize and lead the CMF (Color, Material, and Finish) technology.

To reflect the self-expression of the youth, the upcoming OPPO F Series revolutionized the design language of the OPPO F Series with a bold oversized camera setup, refined flat-edge design, vibrant Sunset Orange color, and the flagship leatherette material.

This season, OPPO has also adopted colors onto their palette and brought them out into technology in a strikingly bold and vibrant way.

To celebrate the design concept of the OPPO F21 Pro, OPPO has partnered with the talented young artists Noor-un-Nahar and Areeba Siddique, the representatives of the next generation of art creators to explore the seasonal color palette, and a fusion of ideas.

The idea of the art pieces was extracted from the wild imaginations of the talented children at the Agosh Orphanage by Al Khidmat-Foundation.

Building on the idea of “Fusion is Fantastic”, the children at Agosh learned how to fuse colors, textures, and styles into creating their own original art pieces, and express themselves freely.

Furthermore, the art pieces co-created by the artists and the children at the orphanage were further crafted into the creation of “The Fantastic Box”.

OPPO sophisticatedly designed ‘The Fantastic Box’ to spread the word of harmony and love among the people by encouraging the efforts made by these young heroes that have been witnessed in the heart-warming artwork.

In the spirit of Ramadan, OPPO hopes to pass down artistic freedom and share joyous moments with more people. The company believes in the power of the next generation and wants the world to see how talented the youth can be.

OPPO has always pushed avenues for its users to communicate with one another in a language of love, art, and kindness.

Building on the legacy of the classic OPPO F series, the company continues to explore and innovate with new technologies and aesthetics. OPPO F21 Pro launch will reinforce the company’s dedication to art and technology.

We guess the price of the OPPO F series to be around PKR 55,000 to 60,000.

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