Hania Aamir Invites vivo Fans to Participate in Its Ramadan Activity and Win Exclusive Gifts

 Ramadan is a very important month for Muslims as it encourages people to share compassion, respect, and support for one another. It revitalizes community bonds and emphasizes community service through the act of breaking fast and sharing a meal.

Smartphone brand, vivo, with all its heart, wants to invite people to celebrate Ramadan with happiness and love at its core. It encourages people to not only share the bond with their family, but also with their neighbors, the people around them in addition to those who need our support the most given in these trying times.

To help raise the spirit of Ramadan even higher, vivo reached out to Hania Aamir, the V series brand ambassador and Pakistan’s favorite, to get an exclusive look at how she spends the holy month of Ramadan.

The brand hopes that through this activity, customers will be inspired to celebrate Ramadan with more joy, responsibility, and specks of kindness, love, and harmony.

To bring the star closer to her fans than ever before, vivo took the responsibility of getting to know Hania better. Upon asking her about when she first wholeheartedly participated in Ramadan, she responded that she did her first fast when she was around 8 or 9 years old.

Hania also told a very specific detail about herself; she revealed that she was also a great chai lover. She added that she loved chai to the point that it is her favorite Sehri item.

Moving on to the food, Hania mentioned that while on one hand chai was her go-to comfort drink, on the other hand, a fruit chaat made her very happy. A bowl of fruit chaat also happens to be her preferred, or perhaps even must-have, iftaar delicacy.

Further ahead, Ramadan is also a time of coming together. Families, friends, and loved ones are often found surprising one another with gestures such as cooking.

Therefore, vivo asked Hania whether she had ever prepared a special meal for someone. Melting hearts, Hania responded that she and her sister often liked to express their love and gratitude for their mother over a hot plate of meal prepared by the two of them together.

Ramadan, according to Hania, is about finding delight in the simplest of deeds and situations. vivo then went ahead and requested Hania to share her favorite memory of the season and what she absolutely loves about the sacred month.

She said that given her busy schedule and commitments, she always found joy and harmony in going back home to her mother and sister. She loves the tiny idea of the three of them together in the kitchen, laughing, talking, and sharing their stories while they prepare iftar meals together; it’s a memory she truly cherishes and keeps closest to her heart.

It makes vivo immensely happy to get in touch with their partners, collaborators, and fans and listen to their stories that are very special to them. Hania sharing her memories of Ramadan in the video with the brand has further strengthened this idea.

Talking about the fans, Hania invites vivo fans to answer the asked questions in the comment section of the video. The video has been posted on vivo’s official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter handles.

Furthermore, by answering the asked questions, users may get a chance to win exclusive vivo gifts while giving vivo the pleasure of cherishing each and every fan’s favorite moment and memory.

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