Is Pakistan’s Leading Fintech Changing its Name? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It

 Apart from the scrumptious food and meet and greet sessions, one thing that gets everyone excited about Eid is Eidi.

Whether it’s the little kids who look forward to receiving Eidi from their elders or the grownups who actually have to empty their wallets to make the little ones happy, Eidi is a very important part of the festivities.  

While we transit to the new normal after two years of the pandemic, this Eid is bound to be special for many of us as we will get to celebrate with our loved ones once again.  

Although the tradition of giving and receiving Eidi has not changed at all, despite the pandemic, one thing that has been revolutionized is the digital way of sending and receiving money.  

Resonating the same idea, Easypaisa, a renowned payments app in Pakistan, has recently changed its brand name easypaisa to eidipaisa days before Eid-ul-Fitr. 

Being Pakistan’s first and foremost Fintech, easypaisa has transformed the way we make cash transactions. Instead of waiting in long queues inside and outside the banks, you can now send and receive money, and process other types of digital payments, right from your mobile phones thanks to easypaisa app. 

While it is not common for brands to make such a bold move, this was definitely a brilliant one to capture the essence of eid and integrate it into the brand identity. 

The digital system of “eidipaisa” has made it super convenient for relatives, friends, and family to give eidi. Now you do not have to run to ATMs at the last hour to get those fresh notes for children, nor do you have to stand in the long queues of withdrawal.

And the best part for all those looking forward to receiving their eidis? No more excuses if your wallets run out of cash. With eidipaisa, giving eidi is just as quick and easy as A, B, C.  

All that you have to do is install the app, tap on the eidi icon on the home screen, and add the receiver’s name and number along with a personalized message and theme to make it super special.

Money can also be transferred to the easypaisa app through an online bank account or by linking debit and credit cards to the easypaisa app. 

Easypaisa, through its unconventional ways and ideas, is truly transforming the way money goes around in our society.

Adapting to the new norms of a digital world where managing your financials is quick and easy, easypaisa has always been one step ahead in its fintech game. 

Receiving eidi through a digital medium not only makes for a convenient and quick method for eidi transfers but also enables users to use that eidi in multiple ways within the app such as buying data bundles of all networks, paying utility bills, doing easyloads, purchasing their favorite vouchers, or paying for their favorite products and services easily.

And the best part? It is accessible to users of all mobile networks!

So, who are you the most excited to get eidi from this Eid?  

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