Samsung Teases 2X Faster Massive 512GB DDR5 RAM

 Samsung has introduced a major breakthrough in RAM technology, by officially introducing DDR5 memory capable of up to 512GB capacity on a single RAM stick.

Presently, the company ranks among the industry-leading suppliers of DDR4 memory. However, now, it looks like Samsung will soon be taking the lead in the manufacturing of DDR5 RAM as well. Recently Samsung posted a video on its YouTube channel, highlighting the latest features of the upcoming Samsung DDR5-7200 module technology.

According to the teaser, Samsung‘s new 512GB DDR5 RAM modules refine the company’s layer stacking memory packing tech, as used in its latest DDR4 memory modules. In the figure below, the difference between Samsung’s 4-layer DDR4 memory chips and the 8-layer DDR5 chips is compared, with both connected using Samsung’s Through Silicon Via technology.

The company reduced the thickness of the silicon layers by 40 percent as well as the layer spacing, thus resulting in much denser integrated chips that are actually thinner, at 1.0mm vs 1.2mm. Hence, Samsung will be able to manufacture a single 512GB RAM stick with 8 stacked DRAMs connected together. Owing to this, the DDR5 technology will be twice as fast as the previous generation, claiming speeds of over 6400Mbps.

Furthermore, it’ll be 30% more power-efficient than the previous generation, due to the lower voltages required to run the latest DDR5 RAM technology.

Additionally, Samsung has mentioned that it will be supplying DDR5 RAM to data centers, smartphone manufacturers, and laptop manufacturers alike. But whether 512GB DDR5 RAM sticks will reach the hands of consumers, is a question yet to be answered by the company.

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