The Next MacBook Air will Feature M2 Chip and White Notch

 Previous reports suggested that the Macbook Air 2022 might arrive with a notch as well as several color options, much like the Macbook Pro models. Now, a recent report reveals that Apple plans to unveil the Macbook Air in September this year.

However, the report from iDropNews does not share whether the M2 MacBook Air will come with a white notch only, or if it will match the color option sold later in the year. A leaked image of the device shared with LeaksApplePro from an anonymous source aligns with the renders shared previously. This suggests that we do have a good idea of what this upcoming Macbook would look like.

The anonymous source has requested not to make it public but did say that it would not be much of a surprise if it was uploaded.

Additional rumors also suggest that the M2 MacBook Air will sport a 13.6″ display, up from the usual 13.3″ thanks to the reduced bezels.  Unfortunately, despite the notch present at the top, the upcoming MacBook Air will not feature the much-awaited Face ID support, but the design change does indicate that it may be introduced in future models.

Earlier, analyst Ross Young had prophesied a 13.6″ display along with the addition of a 14.2″ variant to the lineup. According to Young, both models would lack mini-LED or ProMotion technology, but this trade-off is essential to reduce the cost of the M2 MacBook Air.

Furthermore, there are numerous reports stating that the upcoming Macbook Air would ship with Apple’s latest custom-made M2 chip, providing a small performance bump over its predecessor.

Given that there’s no official confirmation from the company regarding the device’s spec sheet or launch date, we suggest you take all these rumors with a pinch of salt.

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