Xiaomi Launches Smart Door With 7 Different Ways to Unlock It

 Xiaomi has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign in China for its latest smart front door technology. The Xiaobai Blade Star uses 3D facial recognition and provides seven alternative ways to unlock the door, including a fingerprint scanner, an NFC reader, and a password. Similar to other smart locks, the door comes equipped with a camera to show the user who is calling.

The door has two screens, one is a 5″ external touchscreen display and the other is a 10.1″ internal tablet-like display. It has over 2,800 components, including a MediaTek Kompanio 500 eight-core processor, which is used to power the door’s financial grade 3D facial recognition technology, taking less than 0.3s to recognize someone. Xiaomi claims that the device has an error rate of 0.0001 percent and can record up to 255 faces, that it can register from 0.3 to 1 m (~1 to 3 ft) away.

The smart door features a layer of reinforced iron and is 90 mm thick. It is available in two colors, with right and left opening options, as well as various sizes of up to 2150 x 1160 mm.

Additionally, it uses multiple sensors, including a 1080P HD camera with a 150-degree super wide-angle, an infrared night vision camera, as well as a PIR sensor. The smart door also has a microphone, allowing the user to speak to anyone at your door.

The device triggers smartphone notifications whenever it detects a stranger near the door or if the user accidentally leaves it open. Similar to Xiaomi’s other smart home appliances, the user can control the Xiaobai Blade Star smart door as well as connect it to other smart home products using the Mijia app.

You can pre-order the Xiaobai Blade Star smart front door in China for 7,999 yuan (~$1,255). However, after the pre-sale period, the product will retail for 12,999 yuan (~$2,040). It will start shipping on June 11th.

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