Xiaomi Launches a Wireless Floor Mopping Machine

 Xiaomi has recently introduced its latest addition to the Mi smart home appliances, called the MIJIA Dual Brush Wireless Mopping Machine which offers a mechanical mopping solution.

Although the robot vacuum cleaners that perform the functions of sweeping and mopping are quite common these days, they don’t provide the same proficiency as a handheld mop. Xiaomi’s latest smart home appliance provides a solution to this problem.

As the name indicates, the MIJIA dual-brush wireless mopping machine follows an innovative frameless dual-brush design and supports real-time spray cleaning. While the front brush washes away all the dirt in the front, the brush at the back wipes the back stains thus improving the cleaning efficiency. Meanwhile, the self-driving traction force of the motor enables smooth pushing and pulling for free cleaning.

Furthermore, the front roller brush can also deform to take the shape of wall edges in order to effectively clean the edges where the floor meets the wall.

The MIJIA mopping machine also spray cleans the roller brush with clean water in real-time to keep it clean after every use. Once the cleaning is over, all the user needs to do is to put the brush back on the base and turn on the auxiliary cleaning with one button to simulate manual hand washing. This reduces the frequency of cleaning the roller brush and makes it easier to take care of.

The battery powering the MIJIA Dual-brush wireless mopping machine can last for up to 35 minutes. It also packs a built-in 420mL water purification tank and a 200mL sewage tank.

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