Xiaomi Unveils Mini Smart Washing Machine That Works With an App

 Xiaomi has recently introduced the Xiaoji mini smart washing machine with a capacity to wash up to 2.5 kg of clothes at a time. The device is fine-tuned for delicate washing while ensuring a sterilization rate of 99.99%. The user can also control the washing machine via the Xiaoji app, allowing them to remotely monitor the device or switch it on or off.

The delicate washing mechanism imitates the results of a hand wash with its stainless steel bionic internal wall and 3D swirl technology. It protects fibers in the clothing with a gentle clean option while ensuring deep stain removal and can wash clothes at up to 95°C.

Additionally, there are 11 washing modes in total, including silk care as well as sports instant wash. The user can also control the device using the built-in LED touch screen.

Through the Xiaoji app, users can remotely start the washing machine, check its status or even schedule future washing campaigns. The app notifies when the machine requires a cleaning itself and even alerts the user of any mid-wash errors.

This latest washing machine is currently available to pre-order in China for 2,499 yuan (~$394). However, after the initial period, the device will retail for 2,999 yuan (~$473). As of now, it is unclear whether or when the device will be made available in the global markets.

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