You’ll Be Able to Repair Samsung Phones Yourself Soon

 Following in Apple’s footsteps once again, Samsung is making it easier to repair Galaxy smartphones from now on. The company has announced a Self Repair program for its smartphones following a partnership with iFixit.

The Korean phone maker announced its new Self Repair program earlier this week. This program will provide authentic parts, repair tools, and repair guides to those who want to repair their Galaxy phones themselves. This is similar to Apple’s Self Service Repair program that is set to launch this year.

Apple’s new service is currently limited to iPhone 12 and 13 models. Similarly, Samsung is only offering its Self Repair service to the Galaxy S20, S21, and Tab S7 Plus for now. Even the newly released Galaxy S22 series is not supported at the moment.

This should increase the overall life of Galaxy smartphones and will also make it easier to find authentic parts for your smartphones. For those without any repairing experience, Samsung will also provide step-by-step guides to get started. This will let you replace broken display panels, rear panels, charging ports, and other components.

Samsung’s Senior Vice President of customer care, Ramon Gregory, said that the brand is:

creating more ways for consumers to extend the lifespan of [its] products with premium care experiences.

It is unclear when Samsung’s Self Repair service will be launched, but we will update this space once there is more information.

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