ZTE Axon 40 Leak Shows Off Invisible Selfie Camera [Image]

 ZTE Axon 40 is expected to come with the company’s pioneered third-generation under-display camera solution. Leaked images of the phone have recently appeared online giving a sneak peek into what the phone looks like.

A Weibo post by tipster Panda is Bald revealed the front of the phone claiming that it will come with a 1440p resolution display, an upgrade over the 1080p AMOLED used for the Axon 30 and Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro.

A very small area of the display over the camera has a rearranged pixel structure which makes it look seamless but allows the selfie camera to see through it. As compared to past generations, the pixel density is expected to be Full HD equivalent above the selfie camera.

The AMOLED panel also showcases curved sides that hide the bezels on both sides, with a very thin one on top. The screen may also come with pixel-width modulation (PWM) dimming. This is all we know about the Axon 40 for now, we’ll know more with leaks and when ZTE reveals info about the phone.

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