Google Will Now Track Your Translation History

 Google has introduced a new policy for its Translate app users. Google Translate users were prompted to either back up their Translate search history to their Google accounts or use it without an account.

Android Police reports that Google Translate used to show a warning prompt indicating that search history would only be available for users logged into their account. Before that, users could save individual searches to individual devices. This was great for privacy but not so much for cross-platform continuity. Afterward, users did not hear anything regarding the feature.

By logging into your Google account, you can conveniently manage your activity logging or temporarily use the app without an account.

To ensure syncing with the cloud is enabled, users need to make sure the Web & App Activity control setting is turned on. Translate histories saved on the cloud sync every few hours, so locally recorded histories remain local for a while.

Given Google’s history of announcing new policies and rolling them out gradually, it is likely that the latest Translate policy will take some time before it is widely available for all users.

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