PC Market to See Supply Exceed Demand for The First Time in Years

 The PC market had a favorable year in 2020 and 2021 before slowing down in 2022. This downward trend could continue well towards the end of the year, claims the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Asus, Rex Lee.

The CMO claims that the PC market is going to witness an excess of supply over demand this year and Asus is taking the necessary steps to ensure its business stays stable.

The report from IT Home citing the executive’s words says that Lee has warned that the European, American, and Chinese PC market is headed towards a downward trend for demand. If this trend continues towards the end of 2022, then the PC market will see an oversupply.

During the company’s press conference, Asus explained that it wants to avoid oversupply but wants to stay competitive in the global PC market at the same time. The Taiwanese laptop maker has recently shifted its production towards mid-range laptops, like the Zenbook 2022 lineup.

The Zenbook 2022 series consists of premium mid-range laptops for customers who want a high refresh rate OLED screen with an affordable price tag.

The CMO said that Asus is also shifting its sales more towards India in 2022 since it is still one of the growing PC markets this year.

This has to do with the market’s downturn in other regions of the world such as Europe which is facing a slump due to the ongoing Russia Ukraine war. The Chinese market is also going through stifled growth due to COVID restrictions and North America is facing heavy inflation.

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