Nothing Phone 1 is One of the Best Looking Phones From Inside [Video]

 Nothing has finally announced its highly anticipated smartphone with LED lights and a transparent back. Nothing Phone 1 already has a plethora of reviews on the internet, but this is the first time we are getting to see a teardown, giving us a good look at what’s inside.

YouTuber Dave2D performed the teardown to show us what’s beneath the transparent surface. Keep in mind that it is not a complete disassembly as it only shows a few components from the back.

As shown in the YouTuber’s video, Nothing Phone 1 is one of the most aesthetically pleasing phones from the inside. First off, the back panel comes off the same way as most other Android phones through some heat and pry tools. The back panel looks like a giant tempered glass screen protector once it comes off.

All the components inside match the color scheme of the phone. All the parts including the speaker assembly, wireless charging, and LED lights are colored white to complete the phone’s white theme. The charging coil is even cut slightly from the sides to fit the phone’s look, unlike most other devices that have a complete circle.

Another unusual aspect is that the speaker assembly is connected through pogo pins instead of ribbon cables. The LED lights also have a tiny white strip on top and the borders are also painted white.

However, going deeper into the phone shows that the rest of the components beneath the white layer have your usual black coating and design. Watch the full video for a better look.

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