PTCL Automates its Helpline Complaint System

 Helpline calls can drag on forever and it’s infuriating when you don’t find a solution to your problems and your complaints are completely fruitless. Thankfully, PTCL has made it a little easier to address your technical issues with their services.

Automatic Troubleshooting

The telecom giant has automated its helpline complaint system so it can automatically detect problems with your connections. Once you call the helpline to register a complaint, it automatically runs a status check on your PTCL landline connection for billing issues, disconnections, no dial tone, etc.

If an issue is detected, it is addressed straight away, but if no problems are found, then the helpline asks whether the issue is about landline, broadband, or Smart TV. If you select broadband or Smart TV, it uses the line parameters to record the complaint and send out the complaint confirmation to the user. It also runs a similar status check to detect issues automatically.

This eliminates the need for talking to an operator, which is a plus since they are not always available and are not always able to fix your issue either. However, the downside is that it still takes forever to get things done since it makes you go through endless cycles of “elevator music”, long and slow greetings, and a series of button presses to get what you want.

Thankfully, the calling process is still the same as before. You only have to follow the instructions of the automated speech bot and the English and Urdu options are still there as well.

Let us know what you think about the new system in the comments, do you prefer the old one or is the new one better?

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