Uber Drivers Will Cancel Your Ride Less Often Soon

 Having your rides canceled is a common problem with Uber and other ride-hailing apps in Pakistan. It is especially infuriating when you are in a hurry and every driver keeps on canceling your ride soon after accepting it.

Fortunately, Uber is working on fixing this issue with a new update. The popular ride-hailing app is testing a new feature that lets drivers see your drop-off location before they accept a ride. This will let them decide if they want to pick up the fare before accepting it, which should benefit both the rider and the driver.

The feature is currently being tested in India, but it should arrive in other regions once it proves to be successful. Uber has said that it will keep an eye on customer and driver feedback and adjust the feature as necessary.

Uber also increased driver payouts in response to increasing competition in Pakistan and other countries. Customers have recently been turning to alternative ride-hailing apps such as inDriver, but these changes might help bring some of them back.

As mentioned earlier, the new update is currently being tested in India, so it will roll out in India before arriving in Pakistan and other regions. It is unclear when it will be available here, but we will update this space as soon as there is more info.

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