WhatsApp Warns People Against Using Fake or Modified Versions


Using fake or modified versions of WhatsApp can be unsafe and harmful, says WhatsApp’s CEO Will Cathcart. The executive has warned users against alternate versions of the app through a detailed thread on Twitter.

Cathcart says that using unofficial versions of the chat messenger is “never a good idea. These apps sound harmless but may work around WhatsApp privacy and security guarantees”.

He said that his security team recently discovered some fake versions of WhatsApp on the Google Play Store. This impostor app is called “Hey WhatsApp” and is developed by “HeyMods”. It promises new features but it is only a scam to steal your personal data.

The team shared its findings with Google and worked with the search engine giant to combat malicious apps. Thankfully, Google Play Protect on Android now helps protect your device from fake versions of WhatsApp and will continue to do so in the future.

The CEO goes on to add that mobile malware has always been a threat that needs to be countered and that the security community works hard to prevent it from spreading.

He also said that WhatsApp users should warn friends and family against using fake versions of WhatsApp. The app should only be downloaded from trusted sources such as Google Play Store and WhatsApp’s official website.

Check out the Twitter thread above for more details.

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