12-Year-Old Son of Renowned Pakistani Martial Artist Breaks Guinness World Record

 Guinness World Records (GWR) has approved the international record of Pakistani boy, Rizwan Mehsood for performing the most front-to-back claps. The 12-year-old boy performed a total of 64 claps in only 30 seconds.

The Dera Ismail Khan-born boy broke Syria’s Amro Merei’s record when he performed 62 claps in 30 seconds amid the series of Guinness World Records in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2019.

“The most front to back hand claps in 30 seconds is 64, and was achieved by Rizwan Mehsood (Pakistan) in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan, on 12 March 2022,” the Guinness World Record Certificate read.

It is important to note that Rizwan is the son of Irfan Mehsood, a prolific record-breaker from Pakistan. He had broken a record of an Indian by performing 46 helicopter spins in 30 seconds.

In similar developments, Irfan Mehsood broke the record for most pushups with a hundred pounds of weight when he performed 59 pushups, breaking his own record of 53. He has a total of 50 Guinness World Records.

Rashid Naseem, another prominent martial artist, broke the record for nunchaku triangle strikes by defeating England’s Chirag Lokha. Nadeem had delivered 88 blows in one minute.

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