Oppo Will Support its Phones For 5 Years After Launch

 ColorOS 13 became official on August 18 this year. Oppo’s focused efforts to distribute it to existing phones resulted in the fastest rollout of any ColorOS version, but it doesn’t end there. This announcement also includes more exciting news: Oppo will extend software support for select flagships beginning in 2023.

This plan will offer specific premium models with 4 OS updates and 5 years of security patches. This is in line with the commitment OnePlus made earlier this year.

This makes v13 by far the fastest and largest update rollout in ColorOS’ history. Hopefully, this will encourage other manufacturers to do more than the meager 1-2 OS updates promise. We will not be naming any names, for now. 

However, Oppo is not the first to do so as Samsung offered extended software support for its flagships back in 2021. Google is a bit behind in this regard, with only 3 OS updates per year and 5 years’ worth of security patches.

At least we are headed towards an upward trend for software updates.

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