Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra to Get Worse Selfie Camera [Leak]

 Since the original Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, premium S series phones have always had a 40MP camera for selfies. But, next year, things may change for the worse. Tech blog GalaxyClub claims that the S23 Ultra will get a lower-resolution selfie camera in February 2023.

This may appear to be a downgrade on paper, but as we all know, pixel count isn’t everything. We may still get better image quality thanks to a different sensor and the phone’s new Image Signal Processor (ISP). Maybe, just maybe, there will be autofocus support for the first time, but we may just be dreaming. 

Colors and Accessories

Evan Blass, a well-known tipster, has provided a comprehensive list of accessories for the Galaxy S23 series. This includes the model numbers and even some colors. 

Clear transparent cases will be available for the Galaxy S23 Plus and the vanilla S23 will come with two clear cases. There will also be a leather case in three options: a rugged gadget case, and a silicone grip case either in black or white. There is also a Smart View Wallet in Black, Cream, Green, and Lavender.

Although the Galaxy S23+ doesn’t seem to have the Smart View Case, it is very likely that they will share a variety of accessories.

As for the S23 Ultra, the S Pen color options will include Phantom Black, Green, Lavender, and Cream. These S Pen colors will match the phone’s body, so we can expect the same color options for the phone itself. 

MobileFun UK has shared images of some of these accessories. These include the Galaxy S23 Ultra leather case in Camel and Smart View Cover in Lilac as well as a silicone case for the Galaxy S23 in Khaki.

Another notable tipster Roland Quandt described the official accessories for the Galaxy S23 series last month. However, the list is not necessarily complete. The S Pen was listed as being available in Black, Green, and Rose (aka Light Pink), according to the website. Both insiders’ information match if we assume that Beige is Cream and Rose is Lavender.

We will likely get more confirmation before February.

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