Former Mercedes Designer Will Now Design Samsung Galaxy Phones


Samsung electronics now has Hubert H. Lee as its EVP and Head for the Mobile Experience (MX). Lee worked at Mercedes-Benz for more than two decades and was most recently Chief Design Officer at Mercedes-Benz China.

Lee is the leader of the MX Design Team and will be responsible for the styling of Samsung’s Galaxy line, including the flagship Galaxy S series and Z series phones, as well as smartwatches and tablets. Hence, it is safe to speculate that Samsung phones may get a stylish design update in the future, but don’t expect to see drastic changes in appearance. 

Here is what Hubert H. Lee said about joining Samsung:

Samsung is known for building some of the world’s most beautiful products with designs that have transformed the mobile industry. I am excited to join a company that is on the bleeding edge of mobile innovation and lead the team responsible for creating new mobile experiences through the art of design. 

You can see Hubert H. Lee’s work from 2012 by looking at the design of the second-generation Mercedes-Benz CLS. The video below shows Lee discussing his inspiration.

Lee has created some of the most “out there” designs, such as the Mercedes Ener-G-Force. It was originally created to enter the “2025 Patrol Car” design challenge and then a prototype was made. The design is based on the G-Class, but with a futuristic twist.

Here is how it looks.

It is unclear when phones designed by Lee will start to appear in stores. Since it is only recent hiring, do not expect to see his influence in the upcoming Galaxy S23 series, since those phones are launching as soon as February next year and their design is most likely finalized.

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